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Oval Cut Sapphires

Oval Cut Sapphires

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How to measure your ring size

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How to Measure Your Ring Size

Sapphire Ring Co carry's one of the largest collection's of natural sapphires ring setting to be found anywhere. Today with all of our sapphires coming from the island of Sri Lanka you will not only see some the finest blue Ceylon sapphires but you will also see a very nice collection of oval cut sapphires's from the brightest of blues sapphires to the pure pinks to the soft yellows all set into their own custom rings. Today Sapphire Ring Company has one of the largest collection of oval cut natural sapphire and diamond rings, you will see each oval cut saphire and diamond ring is unique both in the setting as well as each sapphire .Please contact us at any time at 727 797 0007 or toll free 855 955 0007 .
Please note: Companies selling a choice of sapphire in colors and or exact sizes are almost always chemically enchased and/or heated to extreme heat, please always ask for a independent gemology report for a top laboratory as these sapphires have little to no value. Please see our Pages on Laboratories