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The AIGS was founded in 1978 ( Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences ) like the GIA the AIGS was originally founded for the educational studies on Gemstones and diamonds.

AIGS report for Sapphire

The Brief Report is printed professionally on a standard credit card size plastic card. (Click on the image to learn more.)

Today the AIGS is regarded as the world-leading authority on Gemstones along with the GIA. They are based in Bangkok in Thailand, Thailand is responsible for 80% of the supply of the world of gemstones whether the gemstones were mined in Asia to Australia Thailand has become the biggest market for the trade and sale of gemstones in the world today, for these reasons you will find many of the worlds top geological laboratories have offices they are including the GIA.

The AIGS has become the first place for certifying any high value or rare gemstone with cutting edge technology they have been the first port of call for the most famous of gem stones indentation including the millennium sapphire found in Madagascar in 1986 which is the largest natural sapphire in the world today.

*Please note that a brief report is carried out using the same testing than a full report, brief reports have become the standard for buying sapphires in larger quantities as they are easy to keep with each sapphire.

Please contact us at Sapphire Ring Co at any time with any questions you have on the AIGS.

Ruby Report full report

Ruby Report full report (Click on the image to learn more.)

The Full Report comes on Sapphires.

The Full Report comes on Sapphires. (Click on the image to learn more.)

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