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Sapphires From Madagascar

Madagascar Flag

Sapphires From Madagascar, Madagascar has produced some of the worlds finest sapphire over the years and recently in 1995 large deposits of corundum (sapphire) were found in LLakaka including the worlds 2nd largest sapphire " Millennium Sapphire "

Over recent years Madagascar has become famous for some of the finest pinks sapphires found anywhere in the world and has also found large deposits on fine blue sapphires in what is known as the sapphire belt. Madagascar was on par with Australia for its large deposits of sapphires but since 2005 the decline in the sapphire industry here coupled with a temporary government ban on exporting sapphires had reduced the output dramatically.

Madagascar Map

The town of Sakaraha is Madagascar's biggest gem trading center.

Madagascar is estimated to carry some of the world's largest deposits of fine sapphires, many of these sapphires are traded today illegally in the town of Sakaraha which is Madagascar's biggest gem trading center.

In 2017 we have has just started to buy small quantities of high-quality untreated sapphires from some of the small private mining companies here, after nearly a 7 year ban on sapphires from Madagascar, Sapphire Ring Company has been working closely with small family owed mining sourcing some of the finest sapphires this country has to offer. These sapphires' origin will be shown with our selection of custom sapphires rings for sale.

Pink real sapphire Madagascar

Rough uncut pink Sapphire.

Today the government of Madagascar is working hard to regulate their sapphire industry here so it can manage the resources for the country and its people. Madagascar is a beautiful island is sitting off the coast of southern Africa with sapphire's from here share many of the similar characteristics as sapphires from Sri Lanka with the deposit of both of these islands being created at the same location and time approx 165 millions of years ago. (Please see our page "How sapphires are formed" page).

What Madagascar has become famous for:

The world's 2nd largest sapphire found in Madagascar in 1995, the picture is shown here is after the sapphire was cut. This sapphire first report was carried out the AIGS ( The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences )

sapphire frommadagascar

Please note: Sapphire Ring Co closely monitors all countries where sapphires are found, mined and sold today carrying out the regular country of origin reports through the GIA as well as our own GIA certified gem Gemologist.

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