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Conflict Gem Stones

This is a standard shipping box from Sri Lanka we receive. This has been signed and sealed both by our gem broker as well as a Gem corporation working with the government of Sri Lanka making sure the sapphires are being shipped and fully declared.

At Sapphire Ring Co, we don't just guarantee that our sapphires’ are conflict-free, we guarantee that they are truly ethical sapphires, cut and polished by adults working with fair pay and conditions, and produced with due care to minimize any impact on the environment. We can offer this guarantee only because we can trace our sapphires back to where they are mined, as well as randomly running country of origin reports through the GIA. We work directly with our own gem brokers allowing us to trace the people or cooperative and where they were mined in that country. Our sapphires are shipped via that country's gem company with taxes being paid for each stone allowing the wealth to stay with the people and their country and like Sri Lanka, much of this goes back into education. Today all of our sapphires are mined-cut and bought from the island of Sri Lanka ( Ceylon ) please see our page "About us".

There are many countries today that produce some very fine sapphires but many of these countries have no child labor laws, poor and unsafe working conditions, as well as supporting violence and arms through the sale of these gemstones.

Then there are countries that have no laws on land protection (environment laws) and many miners as well as gem corporations use strip mining which destroys the land by using high-pressure water to strip away the soil to look for gemstones. Even though this can be very productive, producing high yields of gems, once finished it leaves the land stripped with no value to the people and communities who live there.

Our sapphires come from small-scale mining cooperatives in Sri Lanka ( Ceylon ) where the wealth generated by mining is directly retained by the local communities. Others come from ethical producers in the USA and Australia.



Click on the above map to see our pages on sources of non-conflict gemstones.


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