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Sapphires from Montana

Sapphires from Montana,
Sapphires were first discovered in Montana back in the late 1900's buy a gold miner looking for new deposits on the banks on the Missouri River not far from Helena.

Sapphire has been found in many different states here in the US but Montana has to be the one spot where larger deposits have been found still mining today.


Montana Sapphire, .95 carats, VVS, 100% Natural
1.05 ct's Montana sapphire.

These sapphires come in a range of colors many carrying secondary colors but the clarity is normally very good, the pale blue sapphires can carry greens and yellows however these sapphires are extremely beautiful many carrying excellent clarity and smooth tones with even colors.



Montana Sapphire, 1.04 carats, VS, 100% Natural
Princess cut Montana Sapphire.

Today sapphires are still be mined in Montana in small quantities the colors are unique and the carat weight is normally less than a carat the finest of sapphires come Yogo Gulch sapphires these sapphires are normally less than a carat in weight and are very valuable.


There are many sates where sapphires have been found which including Alaska, Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Sapphire Ring Company is looking into carrying a range of sapphires from Montana today, these unique sapphires show how beautiful real natural sapphires can be and demonstrate the variety of colors sapphires can be found in today, if you have any questions on sapphires from Montana please contact us at any time.


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