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Over 200 custom sapphire & diamond rings for sale at or below wholesale - GIA certified

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Design Your Perfect Ring Starts With Choosing Your Perfect Sapphire From Our Selection Of Over 200 Natural Ceylon Sapphire In A Variety Of Colors Cuts.

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Natural sapphire rings at wholesale prices,

we carry 200 + Natural sapphire rings at wholesale prices, we will only sell 100% natural earth mined conflict-free Ceylon Sapphire's Rings & Sapphire Engagement Rings. We choose all of our natural Ceylon sapphires by hand with each sapphire

... chosen to be set into its own custom made ring choosing from an infinitive selection of brilliant-cut diamonds according to customer demand & design preferences for both weddings, anniversary to engagement rings. Here at our wholesale online store, every ring is custom built to fit every sapphires individual and unique cut, every sapphire is hand set by our master jewelers along with handset diamonds and detailed custom finish work not seen today in a market place where most rings are mass-produced by the thousands. Search our new store to view over 200 custom Ceylon sapphire rings from wedding to engagement rings along with over 500 sapphire engagement ring designs for our customers to order in our ( Website Archive pages ), whether you are looking at choosing one of our pure sapphire & diamond rings for a wedding or taking a sapphire from an exciting ring to have our professional jewelers create your dream custom sapphire ring - we are always happy to help in a world where all rings look the same. Here at Sapphire Ring Co, we offer a full best-spoke design service allowing you to choose the stimulating perfect sapphire engagement wedding ring. Sapphire Ring Co will only buy 100% pure natural earth mined sapphires and rubies for our customers. We take pleasure and pride in being involved in both the mining and supply of natural sapphires. We handpick only the finest sapphire and ruby stones available, supported by our two offices in Sri Lanka. From these offices, our full-time gem brokers work closely with us daily to meet the needs of our customers for the finest and rarest natural and pure sapphire gemstones. Once the gem has been selected and then fully approved a new ring design is custom prepared to every sapphire unique shape and cut giving each customer a perfectly made custom sapphire & diamond ring custom made by our own jewelers. Great deals on the affordable sapphire ring for both engagements, anniversary to the wedding, all for sale at or below wholesale prices. *Every one of our loose gemstones is checked by our experienced Gemologist (certified by the GIA), along with this we have our sapphires independently certified by the GIA in Carlsbad CA which are regarded as the world's leading authority in colored gemstone certification.


(Please see our Educational Pages on Worlds Top Gem Stone Laboratories)

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