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Conflict Free Gemstones

Sapphire Ring Co custom sapphire rings are all-natural certified authentic conflict-free real sapphires ring settings at wholesale prices - we will not buy or work with any conflict sapphires as well as refusing to buy natural sapphires from countries where there are unsafe or dangerous mining practices, poor rates of pay, as well as few to no laws on child labor. We have taken this stance from the first day we started a business. We work with our own gem brokers in Sri Lanka, Ceylon sapphires are not only produced some of the finest sapphires in the world but have strict laws on mining, land replacement, fair rates of pay and no child labor. We monitor all our countries and randomly carry out the full country of origin reports on our sapphire gemstones to ensure that the sapphires we are buying have only been mined from countries that have the best business practices.

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Sapphire Rings Co. does not purchase conflict gems or gems from countries whose mining practices are questionable


These countries are known sources of conflict gemstones:

  • Mozambique
  • Brazil
  • Columbia
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Burma
  • Angola
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Democratic Republic of Congo

We have taken a stance not to buy sell or trade with these countries. All of our sapphires come from our own gem broker at our two offices in Sri Lanka. See our page about us as well as our company ethics page.

Take a look at our pages about education on Non-Conflict Gemstone Countries

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