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Sapphires from Kashmir & India

Kashmir,s Flag

Sapphire from Kashmir Cushion cut sapphire with a classic Kashmir blue.


Sapphires from Kashmir, Kashmir sapphires are among the world's rarest and most prized sapphires of all. Kashmir mines were only producing sapphires for a very small period of time from 1882 to 1887 and due to the high altitude in the inhospitable Himalayas, these mines only ran fully during the summer months.

These sapphires were accidentally discovered by local people after a hillside slipped away in 1881 in Padder area of Kashmir as a result of this many large sapphires were released into the lower valley floor, there are many reports that some of these sapphires (rough) were the size of ostrich eggs and smaller sapphires with a similar size to a tennis ball.

These sapphires were quickly gathered and as they were traded from person to person and the value rapidly increased news soon spread to the Maharaja of Kashmir, he quickly sent he's troops into the area to seize these sapphires and guard the new deposits of what was about the become the Kashmir mine and its deposits ( today is known as the old mine ).


Rich blue color Rich silk saw under a microscope of a Kashmir sapphire.

The blue sapphires from this area consisted of a velvety silky blue with rich color, even today many sapphires of the purest of blues from Sri Lanka are some times known as "Kashmir blues" and you will sometimes see first-class sapphires called Kashmir blues today describing this rich velvety color, however very few will have the smooth rich velvety color as the top Kashmir blue sapphires have.


Today the old mine in Kashmir has long been closed with almost all the deposits of these sapphires mined out, occasionally map of Kashmir a new sapphire might surface into the market but it is extremely rare. This part of the world has to be politically unstable for almost a century and is extremely dangerous, despite some attempts by geologists going in to see if there are any further deposits it seems that this small area has few gems left. However, as history has taught us new discoveries will am sure be found but for today Kashmir sapphires can found in estate jewelry or at the world's top auctions.

Kashmir Blue sapphire ring.

Kashmir Blue sapphire ring.

Sapphire Ring co have recently being fortunate to closely examine a true Kashmir sapphire at Gesner estate jewelers in Tampa, Florida where they had a perfect example of a pure Kashmir blue sapphire set into a classic period estate ring.


Kashmir Sapphires today can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction, in 2009 Christie's sold a 13.86 ct Kashmir sapphire for $360,000.00 and more recently Christie's have for auction a larger cushion-cut Kashmir blue sapphire set into an 18 kt white gold ring for over $2.8 million US dollars.


If you have any questions on Kashmir sapphires or India sapphires please contact us at Sapphire Ring company we are always very happy to help.







Flag of India

Sapphires from Southern India,

Many of the sapphires from southern India are known as Dharapuram sapphires Dharapuram is a town in the Tirupur district of TamilNadu state.most of the mining here is illegal and done by small farmers in their fields. These sapphires come in blue, yellow  with most blue sapphire's will have flashes of yellow as well as secondary colors from golden yellows to greens.

There are also part colored sapphires carrying a spit in color from blue to yellow but the majority of these rarer stones are in smaller carat sizes ( under 2 ct's )

In India these sapphires are known as Pithambari and have great astrological importance.they are highly valued and are considered to bring great wealth to the wearer.

Even though these sapphires are not known for there strong royal blues hue and bright yellow which you might find in countries like Sri Lanka they have a strong following today especially in Asia.

Sapphire Ring Co is in contact with a small company who legally mine, cut and polish these un-heated natural sapphires - if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us at any time we are very happy to help.


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