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Gemology Institute of America is today the worlds leading laboratory on gemstones as well as diamond grading.


The GIA was established back in 1931 by a former retail jeweler Robert M. Shipley and his wife, they set out to set a professional standard in the industry through education, and research to the highest of standards. Today they are located in 10 countries at 16 locations.

The GIA have two offices here in the US in Carlsbad CA and New York as well as being located in London, Moscow, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Gaborone, Johannesburg, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei and of course Bangkok. Sapphire Ring Co today uses the GIA today for the majority of our sapphire and ruby reports both randomly running country of origin reports as well as standard reports for many of our sapphires allowing our customers to buy knowing that each sapphire or ruby is 100% natural gemstone.

New GIA reports for 2014 now at Sapphire Ring Co


Natural Heart Sapphire (fancy cut) GIA Certified NTE - No Treatments.
From January 1st, 2014, the GIA ( Gemology Institute of America ) will be issuing new format reports for all their gemstone identifications. These new reports allow customers to easily be able to go online and confirm the authenticity of every report and gemstone. The new format, which includes improved security features and proprietary technology exclusive to GIA, has been developed in response to industry-wide concerns regarding a lack of security standards underpinning the independent valuation and identification of gemstones. The new reports will include a unique QR (Quick Read) code, allowing the possessor to confirm the authenticity of the report by simply scanning the QR code with a smartphone. This code is instantly matched against GIA's Report Check database, confirming the report as a genuine document. Additionally, the new reports will be printed on a unique paper that is proprietary to the GIA.
Rough natural Sapphire from Sri Lanka.Rough natural Sapphire from Sri Lanka.
Rough natural Sapphire from Sri Lanka.



Sapphires and Rubies are extremely valuable gemstones, and, like any valuable item in the world today, counterfeiting using new extreme heating and diffusing techniques or synthesizing the stones has become big business. Increasingly these counterfeit stones are being supported by counterfeiting the Gem laboratory reports to help disguise the stone as a "natural gem/sapphire".


Sapphire Ring Co has always taken a very strict stand against the sale of counterfeit gemstones as well as the sale or misrepresentation of any Sapphire or Ruby (Conundrum). Our stones always come with a clear and full disclosure. We will continue to work with the GIA as well as our GIA certified gemologists to ensure every stone we have is not only a 100% natural mined stone but also conflict-free - including no use of child labor in any part of the sapphire mining process.


Please see our "company ethics" page as well as our page on Sapphires from "Sri Lanka" or contact us at any time. We are always happy to help, advise and assist any customer with impartial advice on any sapphire or ruby, whether the stone is from us or another company - our only aim is to make sure that you are purchasing a stone as described with full and impartial information and clear disclosure.


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At the Sapphire Ring Co, we understand with many of our customers being overseas the GIA reports we offer enables our customers to buy with confidence knowing that each sapphire or ruby has been fully certified to the highest of standards and with such complex treatment today the GIA is one of just a hand full of laboratories which are able to detect every treatment.


( Please note if you are looking at a sapphire that has an alternative laboratory report and you wish for a GIA report on the sapphire or ruby we are always happy to have a second report completed by the GIA for you )

GIA Testing:

The GIA has the most comprehensive research and development for gemstone identification than other Gem laboratory in the world ( closely followed by the AIGS and GIT ) The GIA are non-profit institute and have earned the public trust worldwide by upholding the highest of standards in integrity, education, and professionalism.


The GIA has the best in training, schooling, and education as well as using the latest equipment available today, it takes approximately 20 years for a Diamond grading geologist with the GIA to move into colored gemstone grading ( Sapphire & Ruby ) today the GIA have some very complex equipment such as The Raman instrument with multiple-laser excitation options has a wide range of gemological applications, including identification of gemstones based on their distinctive Raman spectra. Some of this advanced testing equipment the GIA use today can be found at

One of the world's most advanced microscopes.One of the world's most advanced microscopes.
One of the world's most advanced microscopes.
Check out GIA's guide to buying gemstones

Today with so many complex treatments sapphires and rubies can be subject to we rely on the GIA as well as our own GIA certified Diamond and GIA Gem gemologist (G.G) for carrying out our reports for our gemstone indication and appraisal. ( GIA will only complete sapphire and ruby reports )

Please Educate your self with this easy step by step test on colored gemstones, it's educational and fun to pit your knowledge on 7 simplified steps on how to buy a gemstone.

Please contact Sapphire Ring Co on any questions you might have on the GIA or any of our laboratories we use today.