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Our Commitment

Sapphire Ring Company commitment.

Since the day we opened our doors we have looked to the beauty of the natural world to find the most beautiful natural sapphires and rubies which have being mined causing as little damage to the natural surroundings. Today you will see in our country of origin pages why we will only buy sapphires from a select small group of countries and mines, today Sapphire Ring Company buys all of our natural sapphires from our own gem broker in Sri Lanka were we keep a small office buying only the finest of natural sapphires from this beautiful country .

It is our commitment to only buy and sell the finest of natural gem stones which have being mined in a safe working environment with a adult labor and with mines which when closed will become part of the natural land again.

Finding real sapphires and rubies in places like Sri Lanka where you can see mines which were active back in the 70's,80's and 90's re-set by the government into natural parks or working farming land is why we go these lengths.


Natural Ceylon Sapphire uncut 3.50 ct's

Today we our proud of the results we have achieved but we still know there is much to be done, please contact us at Sapphire RingCo at any time about our code of ethics on buying real natural sapphires from countries where the best of mining practices are being followed as well as how well the governments are helping grow this very valuable industry.

Our only aim is to provide the best Quailty Sapphires and Rubies fully and independently certified by the worlds top Gem Laboratories coupled with personnel and experienced Service with the most accurate education to each and every customer we have into the world of natural colored Gem stones.


Small Sapphire mine in Sri Lanka.




Please contact us,

Dixie is always very happy to help you with any questions you have whether you are looking one of our custom natural sapphire and diamond ring or just have a questions about our natural sapphires.

For questions about the origins or why today we buy solely sapphires from Sri Lanka please ask for David. He is responsible for the purchasing of all of our natural sapphires and work closely with Dixie on making sure the highest standard is maintained.

What ever your questions are, please contact us. We are always very happy to hear from you and help in anyway we can from the smallest of questions to full information on our natural sapphire rings and why today we are the only company to offer conflict free sapphires supported with full GIA reports and fully independent appraisal by GIA gem gemologist.


US Orders and Sales : 727 797 0007 - Toll free (1) 855 955 0007

Please contact us Monday to Sunday 10.00 am to 11.30 PM EST

International orders and sales : 727 726 0007

Store visit by appointment only - please contact us at anytime.

Tampa. Fl.  33626.  USA



Private viewing of our natural sapphire settings

For Customers from Tampa bay area who wish to view our Jewelry we can arrange a private viewing even though we do not have a full retail store of any of our pieces of Natural Sapphire jewelry, we can arrange for you to view our jewelry in a private setting in either Tampa or Clearwater area please contact us or call us at 727 797 0007 if you wish to arrange for this service & schedule a appointment.


Appraisals via GIA G.G Appraisals if applicable

We offer certified appraisal services from our G.I.A. graduate. Graydon Gesner has his Graduate Gemology Degree, Accredited Jewelry Professional Degree, and the G.I.A. Pearl Grading Lab Degree. These studies were accomplished at the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.), located at the Carlsbad, California campus which is the world's foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. He was an on campus student and excelled in all phases of his studies. Out of 11 G.I.A. campus locations worldwide, Carlsbad, California is the G.I.A. World Headquarters that brings students from all over the world.

Regulation in Sri Lanka on all gem mining

The Sri Lankan Government established the State Gem Corporation in 1971. The main purpose of the corporation was to provide systematic improvement to the Sri Lankan gem industry by helping to improve skills and craftsmanship, increasing gem exports, allocating state-owned land for gem mining, and issuing permits and licenses. With the broadening of these objectives the Corporation has subsequently been restructured and renamed as the National Gem and Jewelry Authority (since 1993). Child labor was considered a major concern by the government and the Mines and Minerals act of 1992 prohibited any person under the age of 18 from participating in gemstone mining. The concern also extends to the gem-cutting sector where children are often trained and hired because of their superior vision. The gem-cutter’s career is often limited by age as vision deteriorates. Retraining older workers to perform other tasks is a concern that deserves further attention.



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