“What you need to know before buying Natural Sapphire Ring”

What you need to know before buying Natural Sapphire Ring

I recently had the pleasure of buying a natural sapphire engagement ring, and while the purchase itself was fairly straightforward, thanks to the helpful and extremely professional folks at Sapphire Rings Co, the process of educating myself about natural sapphires and all that they entail is something I believe everyone should go through in order to help them make the right decisions for such a hefty transaction.

Let me take you into the world of sapphires in this self-contained and hopefully helpful blog, for buying the perfect natural sapphire ring.

I started off Googling education and this is how I found Sapphire Ring Co website, with the A to Z on everything one would need to know on real sapphires, from how sapphires are formed, found to the mining and cutting and even origins of these rare gems was very helpful, I liked the fact that the educational pages were written by both gemologist and geologist coupled with Sapphire Ring Company years of experience gives a look into the world of natural sapphires.



Why should you go for natural sapphire for your engagement ring?

The reason I and so many other people love natural sapphires is because its both traditional and allows you to choice a gem of color over the common diamond which goes from off white to white and for a hefty price tag compared to a genuine sapphire, for me making the sapphire the perfect choice for my engagement ring.

Sapphire is considered to be the one gemstone which ticks all the boxes from its hardness to rarity, along with the belief that a sapphire brings both wisdom, prosperity, faithfulness, and health which makes it the perfect choice for both myself and my fiancé.  The most famous engagement ring in the world is a blue sapphire: The 18-carat Ceylon sapphire engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana. And that Prince William has given to Kate Middleton. Choosing a natural sapphire for your engagement ring isn’t just unique, it’s regal.

If you are worried about its durability, fret no more a natural sapphire is a hard gem, second only to diamond with and with stronger cleavage (learnt this from Sapphire Ring Co.) makes this one gem perfect for a ring which will be worn for a lifetime.

Bellow medium blue oval cut Ceylon sapphire with halo of large brilliant cut diamonds.


The most important factor to consider when choosing natural sapphire

Color is the single most important attribute of natural sapphire and provided that the carat size remains constant, it is the single biggest price factor as well. All three major color factors, hue, tone and saturation, are evaluated simultaneously when pricing a sapphire and assigning a quality grade and value. But how can we, as mere customers, determine if the stated price of a sapphire stone is justified? This is where GIA gem grading comes in. GIA’s Color grading chart is the most reliable examination method for determining the worth of a Sapphire.

Companies which just give a sapphires grade using A to AAAA really don’t give any indication on the sapphires grade or really helps in any way, it would be like grading a diamond on the clarity but not color and carat weight not to mention the cut and polish.

I have added a link to the GIA gemstone color grading chart which explains this in more detail, here you can determine the primary color or hue followed by the tone and saturation which created the final color grade.


Below a Vivid Blue Cushion Cut Natural Sapphire set with 2 Cushion cut GIA Certified Diamonds in a classic 3 stone sapphire ring, custom made by the Sapphire Ring Co master jewelers.



Where do the best natural sapphires in the world come from?

The origin of a sapphire gemstone has a great impact on its quality. Sapphires from Kashmir, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) are some of the rarest, most beautiful sapphires mined on earth. Keep in mind, however, that just because a trader refers to sapphire with a regional name doesn’t mean it actually comes from that region. For example, a “Ceylon sapphire” may simply indicate the stone shows attributes typical of sapphires from Sri Lanka. This is why it is important to always ask for the GIA or AGL authenticity certification of the gem when buying a natural sapphire as well as working with companies who have direct assess to these rare gems.


Above pure Blue Natural Ceylon Sapphire at 2.70 cts looks much larger when set with halo of diamonds.

Where to buy the best natural sapphire engagement rings from?

Now this is where things get interesting. We all know how risky it is to buy online, especially something like an engagement ring where you have no way of seeing the product in person before you pay for it. Or do you? Sapphire Ring Company offers you the opportunity to choose the sapphires of your dreams in person or by shipping it to you, as well as happy to send live videos of your phone or tablet of the ring you like making the decision a lot easier. If you are still not satisfied, they offer free return shipping through FedEx making the online purchase as pain free as possible.

They also offer bespoke custom engagement rings, with free CAD design service to make sure the ring of your dreams is as per your exact specifications, down to the nearest micron. Get in touch with them at their website today to place your order. They open 7 days a week with live customer support at 727-797-0007.




Below, Platinum Sapphire Engagement Ring with one of their Custom Sapphire Wedding Bands


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