Sapphire Rings Near Me in Tampa Florida

Sapphire Rings Near Me in Tampa Florida

Sapphire Rings Near Me in Tampa Florida

Sapphire rings have fast become the second most popular engagement ring, second only to the diamond ring.Up until the 1930‘s sapphires along with rubies (Both from the same mineral family – Corundum) were the first choice for engagement rings for the wealthy and royalty, as diamond cutting techniques improved, a vast amount of diamonds been mined coupled with a very strong marketing push by De Beers & Tiffany & Co they managed to create the diamond as the first choice for an engagement ring, which still holds strong today.

Over the last 10 years, the popularity of gemstone engagement rings has grown significantly with sapphires been the No 1 choice, if you considering a sapphire wedding ring there are a few things you need to take into account along with some basic education, “Sapphire Ring Company” offers both the education you should know along with one of the largest selections of natural Ceylon sapphire rings for sale in the USA.

Sapphire Rings Near Me in Tampa Florida Above is a selection of Natural Sapphire Rings by Sapphire Ring CO. To view full section of natural sapphires & sapphire rings visit them at    Below some of the main points to look at if you contemplating a sapphire wedding ring.“Natural or Synthetic Sapphires”   A natural sapphire & synthetic are chemically identical, the natural sapphire created over millions of years and many miles below the earth’s surface, were as synthetic sapphire created in the laboratory over few weeks. The biggest difference you see as a buyer is price, because synthetic sapphires can be replicated in vast volumes with perfect color and machine cuts the prices can range from $50.00 to a few hundred dollars a carat, we’re the natural sapphire can start at thousands of dollars a carat for a similar stone. Today it’s estimated that over 90% of sapphires sold are either synthetic or chemically enhanced, now there’s nothing wrong if you are looking at choosing a synthetic sapphire as your new engagement ring, the one issue I seen is the vast majority of synthetic sapphires sold, are sold as natural not synthetic.   How can I tell the difference?   The best and only real way to know if you buying a natural sapphire over synthetic is through laboratories like the GIA or AGL, these two gemstone laboratories based here in the USA, both have the right equipment and expertise for testing each stone, this is probably the most important step you can take before buying your sapphire engagement ring and a must-have – before handing over any money! There is certainly a lot of different laboratories out there for testing your sapphire but these two gem laboratories are the gold standard for both the trade and personal buyers & the only two I personally trust, with prices starting around $85.00 for the GIA sapphire report this will be the best investment you can make.    GIA sapphire testing:     Where to buy your sapphire engagement ring?     There are some reputable companies like Sapphire Ring Company where all of their sapphire rings & loose sapphires come with GIA reports for each sapphire as part of your order, unfortunately, there are very few companies today who offer this service which could leave you paying thousands of dollars for a sapphire ring only to find out its worth few hundred dollars, always insist of a gemology sapphire report from a reputable lab. Even experienced gemologist can find it difficult to impossible to tell, especially with sapphires which have been chemically enhanced such deep diffusion.         Below is a Ceylon natural sapphire set into a custom-made platinum ring, this unheated sapphire comes with a GIA origin report, so you not only know the sapphire is a true natural gemstone but you also know the sapphire was mined in an ethical way from the island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) ” What’s next “   Budget, this will help you decide from what size sapphire you able to buy,  as well as the ring and overall design, tradition says between 2 to 3 months salary is what normally set as a budget, but over the last 20 years this form of measuring how much one should spend has changed dramatically depending on many factors, from how much you setting to one side for your wedding, honeymoon to what your future fiancé is expecting.

Sapphire Ring company offers new financing plans from Affirm to Spit-it, as new alternative ways to spread the cost over time. I would always say “do not go into debt for your sapphire ring”, buying wholesale from Sapphire Ring Company helps, I would set a budget and try to stick with it.

In 2019 a study was carried out on how much a person spends on an engagement ring by each state, California came in the highest at just under $5,800, with Dakota as the lowest at $5,100. Bearing in mind much of these rings would have been diamond engagement rings but it does give a little insight into what people are spending today for their future bride.     Will a Sapphire Ring Hold Up?   Sapphire is the second hardest mineral using Mohs scale at a 9, with a diamond being a 10, the only other gemstone which would be able to scratch a sapphire would be a diamond, what is just as important is “Cleavage”, a cleavage refers to the breaking point or how brittle a gemstone or diamond is, a sapphire cleavage due to the hexagon crystal make up is the strongest of any gemstone including the diamond making a sapphire ring a perfect choice and why the oldest rings are sapphire rings, some dating back as far at the Egyptian period.      Above are a few important steps as you start your journey into buying your perfect sapphire engagement ring, Sapphire Ring Company offering personal videos, appointments in the person of your chosen ring to same-day shipping  & free returns makes buying your new natural sapphire engagement ring is never far away.      For more information please stop at their website to view the largest number of Ceylon sapphires each set into its own custom-made diamond rings here in the USA. Open 7 days a week with no commission paid to their helpful customer service is the best way to start on this exciting journey in choosing your new engagement ring without any sales pressure.   Call ? Today 727-797-0007 or WhatsApp 727-804-6758  Or email them at Open 7 days a week 24/7   Worth adding that natural sapphires come in an array of colors, from royal blues, pinks, yellows, and every color in between including white or colorless. These 3 unheated sapphire rings below all carry full GIA reports with each ring custom-made by our jewelers here in the USA.   

These 3 unheated sapphire rings below all carry full GIA reports with each ring custom-made by our jewelers here in the USA.

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