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Sapphire Rings Near Me in Tampa Florida

Sapphire Rings Near Me in Tampa Florida Sapphire rings have fast become the second most popular engagement ring, second only to the diamond ring.Up until the 1930‘s sapphires along with rubies (Both from the same mineral family – Corundum) were the first choice for engagement rings for the wealthy and royalty, as diamond cutting techniquesRead More

“What you need to know before buying Natural Sapphire Ring”

What you need to know before buying Natural Sapphire Ring

I recently had the pleasure of buying a natural sapphire engagement ring, and while the purchase itself was fairly straightforward, thanks to the helpful and extremely professional folks at Sapphire Rings Co, the process of educating myself about natural sapphires and all that they entail is something I believe everyone should go through in orderRead More

“Buying a Real Sapphire & Diamond Ring”


Are you in the market for the engagement ring? Having just bought the most stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring, I have decided to use my experience to help out others in choosing the best ring for their engagement ring through this blog. This is my advice from my journey getting ready to be engaged.Read More

Custom Sapphire Wedding Bands

The popularity of platinum sapphire wedding bands has continued to grow in leaps and bounds over the last 5 years with no sign of slowing down, with more and more people who are looking for custom wedding bands unique to themselves has made the sapphire wedding band one of the most sought after rings inRead More

Natural vs Synthetic – Which Sapphire Ring Should You Choose?

Most people would think choosing a Sapphire Ring is easy and straightforward. However, knowing that there exists both natural as well as synthetic sapphires, both of which have their own pros and cos, the choice becomes a bit harder. Therefore, before you make up your mind about which one is the better buy in yourRead More

Sapphire Engagement Ring Versus Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a significant gift that symbolizes everything you ever desired, and marks the most momentous occasion in your life. While diamonds are no doubt the most prevalent choice among stones when it comes to engagement rings, you’ll be surprised how many wives-to-be choose the alluring sapphire. Consequently, both stones have their prosRead More

What Color Blue Sapphire Should I Buy

Buy Dark royal blue = GIA B 7/4

What Blue Color Sapphire Should I Buy ? When it comes to choosing a sapphire by color we always tell our customers to choose a color that appeals to them, Blue sapphire account for over 80% of our sales even though sapphire can full under every color you can imagine from canary yellow to hot pinks andRead More

Ring the Wedding Bells with the Best Rings


Wedding–A lifetime event Wedding is the start of the most beautiful journey in a person’s life. It is termed as a beautiful journey because a lot of memorable things are attached with it right from its preparations to the final execution and till the time both the partners live together. Marriage is a legal bindingRead More